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November 10, 2013
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Lyle application by hawkbramble467 Lyle application by hawkbramble467
Name: Lyle
Gender: Male  

Species (Pokemon):
 Lyle is a Spiritomb
Type: Ghost, Dark
Age: 17 he's at the stage where he's very silly and immature.
A team Rocket grunt
Housing #: 
Lyle will live in Team Rocket Room 3 if he may.
Shadow Sneak
Confuse Ray
Solitary- He likes being alone rather than with other Pokemon. I suppose he doesn't completely mind as long as they don't bother him too much. Yet at the same time, if someone gets too close to him he will be tempted to cut off they're friendship. This is because of his Spooky Plate mostly.
Optimistic- Even when he scares a Pokemon too much he's always looking forward to the next one! His hopes are always high even on days when there's no one to bother. In fact he'll scare himself or practice on walls of the cave just for a fun time.
Mysterious- There's no sure fire way to tell exactly what Lyle's thinking. Sure he's happy but he could be thinking of the most grim ways to torture a poor soul. On the inside he is mostly a good Pokemon but like everyone else, there is a dark side. This mostly comes out when he's not having fun at all or he is extremely angered.
Grim- As said above Lyle can have some pretty dark thoughts. Mostly about torture or finding lost people in caves or setting up traps for them or even knocking them straight out. Even just constantly staring at them with his insane eyes eventually making them crazy as well. Yet these things only happen to people he greatly dislikes.

Held Item: 

Lyle holds a Spooky plate found in the Pokemon cemetery in the sinnoh region.
A little background info: 
Lyle is very mysterious and travels to numerous places. He's always been on his own but loves the thrills of exploring new areas and facing new Pokemon. Lyle always enjoys meeting new Pokemon but always tries to tell weather they shall be a foe or an enemy. His parent remain unknown and he wishes that they always will. Having unwanted information haunting his head would simply ruin his fun. He has also always been able to protect himself in most cases. Once there was a gang attacking a Pokemon near him. At first Lyle watched from afar but then his eye's gave him away. At first Lyle fought back but soon he disappeared, finding that he wasn't having any enjoyment. Lyle has a motto that he always needs to have fun with whatever he's doing. If he finds there's nothing to enjoy, he'll simply leave to the next place. In fact, he found his spooky plate while he was stalking a Meowth and took it upon himself to hold onto it. Now that is the only thing Lyle will let himself be attached to. Interacting too much with others makes him worry that he'll be ignoring the plate.

He hasn't really met anyone so I'll add this later on I guess

RP example:     
Lyle rested in his nap and listened to the sounds of the dark cave. Suddenly there was walking in the cave and his ears perked up. There's hadn't been anyone there all day and he was eager for some fun. Turning the corner Lyle saw a simple Caterpie that had lost his way. A grim smile on Lyle's face told him this Caterpie could serve as some entertainment for awhile. He played what he called 'chase' with the poor thing. Finally after a curse the Caterpie finally high tailed it out of the cave. Satisfied with his work Lyle laid down on his familiar and bumpy rock. Soon he found himself drifting to sleep and counting other ways to 'play' with other Pokemon.
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